Powered Pixels | A Media Creative Group

Powered Pixels is an Atlanta based media creative group that empowers businesses and individuals to express their unique brands and initiatives through multifaceted media services. Using a distinctive artistic approach, we offer services that include web development & design, photography, graphic design, videography and video editing.

With a solid reputation for artistic creativity, technical expertise, exceptional customer service and affordable pricing, Powered Pixels is well known in the media marketing industry and well respected by our loyal clients nationally and locally.

Powered Pixels | Power Enterprise 2010 Reel

Crystal Power | Creative Director

Crystal Power’s passion for the arts stems from her desire to capture the essence of time in the moments of life.  She enjoys finding the unexpected angles and candid scenarios of creation and personal stories of her clients.

Crystal Power | Creative Director | power_kickShe is an impeccable, creative artist with a gift of capturing the unique perspective of life through the lens. She does this by freeing her clients creativity from a box of boundaries that only exist because they allow them to.

Ms. Power served as the exclusive creative director and photographer for Ambassador Dr. Juanita Bynum for over 8 years and has extensive international travel experience with photography shoots in London, Amsterdam, Durban, Johannesburg, Lagos, Ghana, and across the nation.