With a well designed, fast-loading Website, you can attract new business, project professional image, and communicate with customers. Thus, your website should be the central hub of your marketing efforts, giving you a powerful online presence to represent your company. At Powered Pixels we provide clean and user-friendly designs that are targeted toward your unique audience and services. We work hard to create new and innovative online solutions with a look and feel that captures the essence of your company.

Some of the things we provide:
• Beautiful designs based upon your needs and style
• Content Management System driven websites and blogs
• Search engine-friendly code, helping your site get better search engine rankings, SEO
• Ongoing technical support to answer questions and help fix issues

Social Media
Different social media outlets provide different ways to incorporate your branding and make it fit with your company. Take advantage of these opportunities by giving your profiles a custom look that will impress your customers and make them feel comfortable connecting with you. Every experience your customers have with you should be the same so they don’t feel they are connecting with different people. So it’s important that your social media profiles are customized to fit your style.

Some of the things we provide:
• Facebook default images that are descriptive and take advantage of the real estate provided
• Facebook custom tabs that give users a better idea of who you are and what they’ll get from connecting with you
• Twitter backgrounds that are unique and help you stand out
• YouTube backgrounds that match your style