Our approach to providing quality service is strategic and thoughtful: 

  • Listening to YOU is the first step. This involves understanding what your service needs are while learning about your company,project and the customers you want to attract. Learning from you is best way to define your company’s project direction. A solid project direction will pave the way for a productive project process: 
    • 60 minute free and no obligation meeting with Creative Director discussing the vision of the project.
    • Clients provide content and goals for the project.
    • Sketches may be created and ideas drafted through outlines.


  • We remain budget-conscious. It’s smart to get more for your money. At Powered Pixels you will get creative services with personable and attentive customer service — ALL at a reasonable rate!
    • Once the outline of the full vision is established, estimates will be submitted to the client for approval.
    • Upon budget approval, the project deposit amount of 50% is collected.


  • Our creative process is purposeful. Producing projects to attract your target market is our goal. You will be presented with  ideas and solutions that follow your company’s project direction. Your decisions are welcome during this process. During the decision making process, it’s best to keep your target market in mind — after all, this is who you’re selling to. 
    • From the outline of the vision the first draft of designs are created and submitted to the client.
    • The creation phase can take up to 3-5 business days.
    • Designers will typically submit 1 to 2 slightly different design variations.
    • After the initial design is chosen 3 sets of minor revisions can be made. If you have additional revisions, additional rates will apply. Before additional revisions are made, the client will be notified of the rates that will apply and be added to the remaining balance invoice.
    • We do ask that our clients look at the design work and allow up to 24 hours before submitting any revisions. We also ask that the client submits all revisions in one email.
    • Minor revisions are considered slight color changes, font changes, and slight arrangement adjustments.
    • Major revisions are considered drastic adjustment to the original design and structure of the project.
    • Clients will be notified if their revision is considered a major revision vs. a minor revision.
    • Upon final approval the remaining invoice balance is paid in full and the high resolution files are released.
    • The original “editable” files (Photoshop/ Illustrator) of the artwork are available to be purchased for an additional $125.00. This must be paid in full before the editable files are released.